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Welcome to Brother Bloggers! We are happy to have you join us in our blogging journey! We began this blog, as brothers, in 2016, as a part of our homeschooling. We wrote all of our original posts together but now we are beginning to move toward working separately as well. We hope you enjoy, but maybe you should get to know us a little.

The Brothers – Individually

Logan – 14 years old

brothers, Logan

I am homeschooled and on track to graduate by 16. I also work part time at a farm down the road, but I keep up my chores on our farm too. We go to church every week; Rawhide Cowboy Church. I enjoy learning about the Lord and I am very strong in my faith. Outside of school and church, I love going to my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class. Jiu Jitsu is my favorite thing in the world! I also like playing video games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

Mason – 11 years old

brothers, mason

Hi, I’m Mason and I’m homeschooled and so is my brother. I’m interested in dirt bikes, hunting and fishing. I’m Republican and I go to church every Sunday at 9:30. I have my own responsibilities out on our farm. I have a bunny, a cow and a bunch of cats to feed every morning. I play outside and I have a go-cart I drive a lot. I also enjoy forging knives with my dad and cooking with my mom.

From Mom …of the Brothers!

mother and sons

Both of the brothers are homeschooled and enjoy the freedom that their schedule allows them to explore and learn on their own. Living on a working farm, the brothers both have chores and are learning a great deal about farming, nature, wildlife and responsibility. It is a wonderful life and they plan to share their experiences along the way.

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