Geography Presentation; Homeschool Success 1

Geography Presentation; Homeschool Success

Geography Presentation

Geography is one of the classes that we get to do with our homeschool group and we really enjoy it.

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Vermont Presentation

States Presentations

One of the ways that we ‘do’ school, is by going to meetings with our Homeschool Group. One of the things that we have been studying is Geography. We have been studying the states of the United States of America. Each family takes a separate state every time and does a presentation on it.


Georgia Presentation

Some of the states that we have studied so far are: Florida, Virginia, Vermont and Georgia. It has been awesome! Each time, we study about the state together and we make a presentation board with all of the important information about the state and then we tell everyone about it on our next meeting.

We get to do a lot of really great things for learning because we are homeschooled. We are going to tell you about a lot of those things in our next posts. Bye for now!


Virginia Presentation

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