How to Make Fluffy Slime – Step-by-Step for FUN!

Today, we took a fun break and decided to make some fluffy slime! We bought the supplies when we were at the store yesterday and they are…


*Elmers glue (You can use whichever color or style you want! We chose the colored ones with glitter in them, but you could also add food coloring to it.)

*Shaving Foam

*Saline Solution

How to make Fluffy Slime

All you really have to do is mix all these ingredients together in a bowl. There’s not really a measurement chart that we used, we just started squirting it all in there! When we got the supplies into the bowl, we just had some fun mixing it all together. (First with a spoon and then with our hands because it was so fun!)

We decided that fluffy slime is something that is fun to make and fun to play with and we will for sure be making more of it later!

How to store your slime for lasting fun

You can put your slime into a ziplock bag in order to keep the air off of it. That way you can play with it over and over again! …and over and over!

What’s next for Brother Bloggers?

We have a bunch of ideas for more really great posts but I think we have definitely decided that we are going to make some more fun projects like maybe Ooblik!

Let us know what you think of our project in the comments section and if you have any suggestions of projects we can try, let us know and we will talk our mom into it!

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