build a vining tee pee

Build an Awesome Living Teepee

Building a Living Teepee Just For Fun!

Setting the poles in place

It’s gardening season on the farm and this year we are building a living teepee just for fun. It didn’t take long at all and it was very easy to do. If you would like to make one for your own place, then here are the steps that you can use to do it.

TeePee Step 1 – Prep Your Area

Place a tarp of some sort on the ground unless you want to try and mow underneath there!

Step 2

Figure out what you want to plant in. We just used some empty buckets that we had for this gardening project but you could use planters or you could even make beds in the ground (but you will have to weed them).

Step 3 – Plant Your seeds or Plants

Poles set, Ready to grow!

Plant your containers with whatever vining plants that you like. We used black-eyed peas, morning glories and some leftover watermelons. We planted from seed, but you could also put in plants that are already started.

Step 4 – Create the TeePee

Next, you have to make the teepee shape with the sticks. Bamboo works well but any sturdy sticks will work. Stick them down in the dirt pretty good and make sure they overlap at the top and tie them together. (We used duck tape, which will fix just about anything!)

Step 5

The last step is to use twine to tie in rows around the teepee. This is what helps the plants to have more to climb up.

Care for your Plants and Watch them Grow!

All you have to do after that is water your plants and watch them grow! A vining teepee makes a great shady place to sit and read a book or just hang out! We are looking forward to seeing how it looks when it gets completely covered! And maybe we will even get some awesome watermelons to munch on too!

If y’all like this idea and decide to do one too, let us know! And we would love to see your pictures too!!!

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