Important Responsibilities


This week we are talking about our responsibilities. Each of us have several chores but one that we have every single day is feeding and watering our animals.

Why We Have Responsibilities

It is very important for us to handle our responsibilities daily because our animals depend on us to live. Of course, we could get in trouble if we didn’t handle our responsibilities but worse than that, our animals could die.

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We Have Our Own Chores


Rabbits and the dogs and cats.


Pigs and chickens and ducks and our one remaining goat.

We Learned How to do it Right

Mom and dad taught us how to properly feed and water all of the animals because they all have different needs. Then we took over and we handle it every day.

Most days it’s pretty easy but sometimes it’s a little harder. On the days that it is raining, it’s not as easy and of course when it’s really cold outside it’s not that much fun. But that’s when the animals need it most. When they eat and drink, it helps their bodies to keep themselves warm.

We also like playing with our animals. Sometimes we go hang out in the pens and play with them or watch how they play with each other.

No matter what your responsibilities are, it is important that you take care of them every day.

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